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Mysore based tech start-up makes it to Semi-finals of IIT Bombay’s start up Contest.



SportiWe – a new generation sports networking start-up based out of Mysore makes it to top list to compete against other innovative startups in the country at Start-up event (The Ten Minute Million 2022) organized by E-Cell, IIT Bombay.

The event revolutionizes by giving startups an opportunity to impress panelists with the startup idea and can be backed with INR 2 million in just 10 minutes.

Registration to the event began last month declaration of semi-finalists was done on 21st January 2022 where SportiWe was declared as a semi-finalist to participate to move to the final round to be held in Mumbai on 6th February 2022.

SportiWe founded by Varun Gururaja, Amey Dalvi, K S Gururaja and Santhosh Gowda in 2021; is a concept turned reality of making people connect with people of similar sporting interest nearby.

SportiWe is a mobile and web-based application currently open for pre-registered users and will be made available for everyone on marketplaces as soon as the beta testing is completed. People who want to beat the que and join the online sporting community, they can still pre-register on

Expect the Sporting Businesses to get the new avenues to sell their sales and services. Expect the sporting academia to get a new channel to sell their courses. Expect the sporting venues to get a platform to flaunt their uniqueness. Expect Healthy Matches and Healthy Hangouts. SportiWe will aggregate the whole Sporting Eco-system and is in the journey to become the new Face of Sports in the coming times.

The team’s projection and ambition is to become a Unicorn startup by the end of the first year in operation. “We are working to be a minimum of a million-user community in the first year. We intend to bring on board more than 25000 businesses in the first year.” Says the spokesperson from marketing team at SportiWe.

The App is built on a unique algorithm that does a better part of magic. It does not spam the users with unwanted ads, rather it keeps the user engaged in productive and right kind of activities. The founders believe firmly that it is better to catch up on a game than over a drink. It is better to indulge into healthy activities than to pry on inhibitions. The community motto is “Be Healthy Be SportiWe”. SportiWe gives its users an opportunity to see the durable side of their partners. Sport is a setup that tests all sort of right quality of a person.

Words from the founders:

“ SportiWe tries to bring back people’s childhood memory of playing favourite sports in the neighbourhood” – Varun Gururaja, Founder, SportiWe

“ Every business needs enablement and aggregation in today’s digital world; SportiWe intends to do that on everything related to Sports” – Amey Dalvi, Co-Founder, SportiWe

“ SportiWe gives a new tomorrow to the sporting Eco-System ” – Santhosh Gowda, Co-Founder, SportiWe “ With SportiWe, sports enthusiasts of any age group can easily find player match of their preferences in minutes” – K S Gururaja, President, SportiWe

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