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“The route to success depends on how you create it,” says Abhishek Prasoon, Project Manager and Digital Transformation Leader.



Success comes to those who put in the effort. You’ve probably heard this sentence a hundred times. But what precisely are you supposed to work on if you don’t know what kind of effort you’ll need to put in to reach your objectives? Abhishek Prasoon had a similar experience when he first started working as a programmer in an IT firm. He, too, desired to advance in his work, but there was no direction available to him 17 years ago. He put in long hours and was dedicated to his profession, but he soon learned that these qualities were insufficient to get him noticed in the industry.

He then realized that there are two aspects of any job position, Soft skills and Hard skills. Soft skills are more focused on human connection, whereas hard skills are more focused on subject matter competence. He then began looking into possibilities that were less talked about. He concentrated on achieving a work-life balance by devoting time to learning new skills, recovering, and pursuing his long-term objectives. One of the many ways he achieved his goals was through things like EQ, stress management, improving visibility at work, personal branding, productivity hacks, and other things that few people worked on 17 years ago.

Fortunately, he kept track of his challenges and was determined to design something that would allow any fresher or executive to advance in their careers without feeling lost. His first book, “The Forefront Manager,” concentrated on soft talents, but his second, “The Infallible Weapons,” focuses on hard abilities that individuals must achieve.

In his book, “The Forefront Manager,” he combined all his expertise and wisdom accumulated over the previous 17 years. He covered all aspects of personal and professional development, including Continuous Improvement, Communication, Psychology, Team Management, Networking, and Productivity. This book will assist you in developing a growth mentality and letting go of your fixed mindset! He focuses on various aspects of soft skills in his books like the common mistakes done as a Project Manager and how to avoid them, different Agile Methodologies, stress management, practical productivity hacks, personal branding for Managers and many more.

Following the massive success of his first book, he discovered one important fact: there were a lot of individuals who wanted to learn how to develop a successful management career. While “The Forefront Manager” discusses all of the complexities of landing your dream management job and working on your Soft skills, it doesn’t go into enough detail about how to be an effective manager and flourish in a position where you can motivate people to achieve better.

That’s when he decided to publish his second management book, “The Infallible Weapons,” which, as the title suggests, focuses on failsafe approaches for a successful career as a manager in any business. He focused on the use and importance of relevant Hard skills in your career and how to continue improving yourself even after you have achieved your dream role. This book is a compilation of all the significant Standards, Frameworks, Methodologies, and Bodies of Knowledge (BoK) that will assist you in becoming an effective Manager in any profession. 

“The Infallible Weapons” talks about Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Scrum@Scale, Disciplined Agile, Spotify model, PMBOK, PRNINCE2, Program Management Standards, BABOK, SWEBOK, ISTQB, DevOps, SRE, Six Sigma, COBIT, TOGEF, CMMI, ITIL, COBIT, E-Governance Standards, ISO and IEEE Standards, Data Privacy, DMBOK along with many other methodologies and framework with practical implementation scenarios.

Consider these Standards, Frameworks, Methodologies, and Bodies of Knowledge (BoK) as weapons in the fight against the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world’s numerous issues. These Infallible Success Weapons are guaranteed to set you apart from the pack and assist you in achieving your goals. This book is a collection of best practices and skills that are essential to be a project manager or general manager.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”- Aristotle. Even though he didn’t know how to approach excellence, Abhishek continued to believe in the saying. He was constantly striving to improve and feel better about what he was doing besides maintaining his expertise in the industry amidst cutthroat competition. Even though he has been extremely successful in his pursuits, he continues to strive for improvement. He aims to be better than he was yesterday and to inspire millions of others to follow in his footsteps.

If you strive to achieve excellence in your field, then here is the URL of both his books. Grab it and take a step to build a career that you aspire for! 

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