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NEETSHALA: A Bootstrapped Startup That Leads NEET Aspirants To Fulfil Their Dreams.



NEETshala’s co-founders, Samee, Anubhav and Mani, embarked on a mission when they started #NEETshala. A mission to guide NEET aspirants to prepare smartly and intelligently.

The Internet abounds in online classes, videos, PDFs and other materials for students. All they need is connectivity to access any kind of information. But still, some students excel in their exams, and some do not. This has made NEETshala founders ask themselves one question: What makes certain students succeed and fail even though the information is available at hand? They asked and surveyed many #NEET aspirants to get the answer.

Their results are not simple, but they found a common answer in the students’ responses. The common answer or thread is that there is no guidance to use the material and prepare for the exam. This problem is deeper, especially in an exam like NEET, where 15 lakh students compete for the MBBS seats, which are just a bit above one lakh in number.

NEETshalas mission

NEETshala is on a mission to provide a one-stop solution that supplements classroom learning for NEET aspirants. NEETshala personalizes each student’s exam preparation experience with the help of technology.

More than 75000 students are currently using NEETshala to prepare for the NEET exam.

NEETshalas guided learning program.

After surveying a lot of NEET aspirants, NEETshala’s founders developed a program called the 4 Step Score Booster. As the name suggests, this program contains 4 steps or layers for preparation. Those layers are a weekly study plan, weekly target tests, customized tests and mock tests. This is a guided learning program with a fixed syllabus every week. It acts as a compass for the NEET aspirants. 

NEETshala introduced this program in 2020. Since then, thousands of students have benefited from this program. To know more details about #4-Step-Score-Booster for 2022, along with the weekly calendar, click this link:

Goal-based and Customized Learning

NEETshala’s founders believe each student is different with unique learning needs. So same set of questions for all students will not give the desired results. In order to overcome this issue, NEETshala has developed customised tests in which each student receives different questions in the test. The questions are selected based on the performance in the weekly tests. If a student scores less marks in a particular chapter, more questions from that chapter will be repeated. Unless the student improves in that weak area, they cannot score high in the customised test.

Another option students love in NEETshala is the goal setting. Students can set their goals for the NEET exam. One student can set it as 98%, while the other may set it as 90%. NEETshala creates ‘Action’ for each chapter based on each student’s goal. Actions act like a to-do list for the students. Students can change the status of each Action based on their preparation status.

NEETshalas experiments and unique features.

Based on students’ feedback and suggestions, we constantly introduce new features, says Mani. NEETshala’s audiobooks are unique. They are audio, video and underlined important topics from the NCERT textbooks. Just imagine how much it will help NEET aspirants! They can review the chapters in audio or video mode based on their mood to listen or watch. Students can also make bookmarks and create notes in an audiobook or video at a particular point.

Another wonderful experiment from NEETshala is interactive lessons. Interactive lessons use a chat-based story-telling format with images, videos, memes and emojis. This feature is currently under Beta testing. We will soon add more interactive lessons, says Samee.

Next steps for NEETshala

NEETshala aims to onboard 2 lakh students for the year 2022. The team behind the platform is working hard to add more features and more products to help students. We wish the NEETshala team to become successful in its mission to guide NEET aspirants.

Students can visit their website

Or download app from Playstore

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