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A LORE CULTURE  – OPULENCE AT ITS BEST By Azia Shanaz first jutti brand from kerala



 I am a graduate in Computer Science Engineering and pursuing PGDM (Marketing) ,  SYMBIOSIS PUNE. I have worked as a system engineer and a developer in various companies. Even while working as a techie, I had a strong interest in the fashion industry. I was also pretty adamant to start something on my own which lead me to think of starting a new culture rather than a typical retail store or brand , and hence the name  “LORE ™ ”. In two years , we have grown from a small online business to a brand that has two outlets in two of the business cities in India. I also have strong interest in writing and thus a writer in pursuit.  

MY interest in the fashion industry and towards luxury products made me to choose something unique as a brand. Inspired by the vibrant culture of India, we bring to you a perspective of excellent handcrafted juttis. A diverse yet distinct testimony of our rich heritage, embroidery and handwork has taken a great place in everyone’s fashion life. The juttis attracts everyone through its mesmerising and beautiful handwork.

A culture that is passed from one generation to the next . And that is LORE

In this era of fashion and beauty, brand is a materialistic thing. Everyone is brand conscious. Be it a cloth or a footwear, it’s all in the name. As we know that the Indian or ethnic fashion is booming in the current times, the juttis are taking their place along with Indian outfits. From a wide variety of designs to our own exclusive design, we are in a branding stage. In the current marketing world, branding is inevitable. And so are brands. We have done a long term study on branding and thus has launched our product at its best. We have made it the best in terms of quality and comfort. All our juttis are very comfortable to wear and is worth it’s price! Usually, the traditional juttis are not comfortable to wear and thus after a research we have made good quality sole that gives double cushioning so as to give comfort at the best.

We are also planning on to bring new designs and new culture in the contemporary fashion and collaborating with the known fashion designers in India, a flagship store and targeting many more outlets in big cities including the Middle East . We also have clothing and apparel on the other side where we are focusing on the Sustainable Fashion

. From the initial stage, we have been very particular in the branding and so is the LOGO. The logo is designed from a depiction of the ancient folk art and the color theme made it remarkable and attractive. We are planning to collaborate with many as part of the branding so as to give the best designs at affordable prices. Juttis also known as Khussas or mojaris , are basically handmade footwears. They are handcrafted and handmade by skilled artisans. A wide varieties of beads, stones and threads are used to make it a stunning pair in appeal.


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