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A company that started with an idea gracefully made its journey. From manufacturing Non-woven fabric for just bags to supplying Non-woven products as a raw material to big giants. This Agra-based Favourite Fab became the biggest supplier in Asia to the USA, Canada, Yemen, etc. But the journey was never too easy. Gaurav Garg (CEO Favrourite Fab) worked remarkably hard to achieve this platform. Favourite Fab is a subsidiary of Favourite Fruit Preservation Pvt. Ltd started in 2011 under the guidance of R.N. Garg (founder and MD Favourite Fruits).

The company was working effectively, the profits were good. Non-woven fabric is essential in preserving the fruits from dust, bacteria, and other types of exposure. R.N. Garg then observed and studied that material closely and found its versatile uses. Saurav Garg launched Favourite Fab in 2017. Initially, the plan was to make just bags out of Non-woven then it also made shades and other gears for agricultural purposes. At that time, the market consolidated on specific clients.

Saurav Garg (COO Favourite Fab) and Gaurav Garg (CEO Favourite Fab) took the initiative and spread awareness about the profits in bag-making from Non-woven fabric to small business owners. Saurav says,” We always believe in providing the best quality products. Feedbacks are valuable from our existing clients to improve the product quality and introduce the new- advanced production line.” The company was doing great in the eco-friendly market by its production quality and happily satisfied clients. Favourite Fab developed other raw materials for different industries.

In 2019, covid-19 hit the global market, and demand for non – woven fabric rapidly increased. People in the international markets were insanely searching for a company that could provide Non-woven raw materials. Fewer companies were manufacturing the Non-woven fabric at that time, so a shortage of PPE kits and N-95 marks were expected. Non-woven fabric is highly vital in the hygiene and medical industries for its anti-bacterial properties.

Gaurav predicted the market and started manufacturing non-woven raw materials. He was the first to blog about the PPE Kit manufacturers in India on his website just before the Covid-19. Because of Saurav’s tech background, Favourite Fab has in-house technologies. They had the right equipment, so they were able to deliver the products on time. Till April, when the whole country was in complete lockdown, its production capacity increased 300%. Aniket Agarwal (CTO and Head of International Markets) worked day and night to manage the international deals and maintain consistency and efficiency in production. Favourite Fab has a well-built logistic system that ultimately helped in growth. After that, Favourite Fab completely switched to automation. It is the first company in India to create a breathable Non-woven fabric, facility of One-Click Quotation, and live tracking services on its website. Favourite Fab made a shift from traditional business methods to new, advanced- tech-based production. And now, Favourite Fab is the leading manufacturer of nonwoven fabric in India.

Covid-19 gave the company reach to international clients that became a stepping stone, and some big companies became permanent clients. Favourite Fab is ISO, FDA, CE, NITRA certified. It has also participated in Tech- Asia 2020. The company is easy to reach, ranks first on Google.


Non-woven fabric plays a vital role in making the raw material of various products in the healthcare industry, such as surgical gowns, aprons, drapes, face mask components, and wound dressings. They are used in hygiene products, such as sanitary towels, sanitary napkins, tampons, baby diapers, and napkin liners. The demand for new and better-performing products is propelling the nonwoven industry.

Non-woven is a growing industry. Eco-friendly and disposable products which were indeed very difficult to find. The potential for this industry is enormous. The non-woven fabric market was valued at USD 43,883 million in 2020, and the market is expected to register a CAGR of more than 6% during the forecast period (2021-2026). The spun-bond segment dominated the market by technology, and it is also likely to witness the highest CAGR during the forecast period.


Favourite Fab sees itself not just as a fabric manufacturer but a tech company. It wants to innovate and develop convenient technologies for the betterment of industries. Saurav says Favourite Fab will provide a one-stop solution for the entire Non-woven fabric industry efficiently with advanced technologies.

Gaurav further added As the company is bootstrapping, Favourite Fab is looking forward to addressing many opportunities in the space. The plan is to continue expanding our services to introduce better technologies and improve the weaknesses. Favourite Fab will also continue to build our extensive network of international clients. Favourite Fab CEO Gaurav concluded.

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