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Are you on the Rightside for your body and mind?



Rightside Products is the parent company to a line of brands that offer a range of products for the body and mind. Ray7 is one of them; it offers great wellness care products at price for all.. They produce daily use products for the body. Make the right choice today and switch over to a superior way of lifestyle with Ray7. Ray7, under this company produces a huge variety of products ranging from skincare, bodycare, and even diving into metabolism boosters! The founder Sanjay Bhurani says it wouldn’t be possible without his family. Let’s learn more on why.

Know The Founder 

Mr.Sanjay Bhurani, at 47, still has the enthusiasm of a youngster with entrepreneurial talents and passion. He has been a working professional for 27 years and has transitioned through various career paths and has now finally put in everything he learned into finding his footing with the Rightside Products and Ray7 as a brand.

Their Variety And Upcomings

Ray7 currently showcases a wide variety of Soaps, Scrubs, Facewashes, Gel and overall wellness products, with upcoming launches like Organic Bodycare Powders covering essentials like Organic Henna and Indigo Powder. These products are not only of top-notch quality that are great to have at your home, but also which satisfy your soul. They also offer Effervescent Tablets that have a refreshing flavour along with metabolism and skincare benefits that are convenient to consume with water. One tablet you pop, and your worries vanish away. These are simple and easy to use products with goodness filled in them. These products are curated with much care; the raw materials are procured after speculating their authenticity, composition, and certifications too. ISO Certification, Global Vegetarian Certification Services and many more. You can place your trust in them with such backing.

Market Presence, Co-Founders And The Story Behind It

They have truly been in this business for ages since it’s a family lineage. Mr. Bhurani’s father LATE Mr. Baldev Bhurani that had the highest distribution of FMCG products had been in the business for a long time and in essence of getting them the experience of 50+ years in the market. The brand Ray7, however,  was the brainchild of his second child Yash Bhurani, a 14 year old high scholar that alongside his studies is passionate about building a market for brands. Mr. Bhurani naturally supported him and made Ray7 the way it is today. His first son, Sanchit Bhurani, co-founded the other brand under Rightside, ‘nocjoc’; a 17 year old, doing his BCOM degree that looks after the financial aspects of the business as well.

Rightside’s Objective And Goal

The company aims to do good for everybody in the society by producing goods for the average consumer that uses this stuff on a daily basis. One of their main goals still stands to create top-notch products at a good price and in a way, reach the “Right Side” of the audience. They keep doing that by keeping up with their commitment of delivering Organic and NON-Harmful products to their customers. Good reason why plenty of customers keep raving about their experience with the Rightside Products. 

What are you waiting for? Pick the right side for your body today and make the shift to affordable and great quality products for your mind., body and soul. You won’t regret it! Visit them here to know more:

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