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Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe bagged Indian Achievers Awards 2021 in the category of Meditation/Mindfulness Coaching.



Priyanka Kumari, founder of Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe – is a rising name in spirituality and healing. 

She is an award-winning astrologer, healer, and coach. She authored a book also in 2021 titled “Manifesting Your Dreams”, which is helping people around change their money reality.

Inspired by Mark Strand’s quote – The future is always beginning now. 

She says it’s never too late to accept who you are, what you want, and what’s right for you. Every Day brings a new opportunity to “Be you “. 

She remembers her first WhatsApp meditation class that happened by chance a few years ago as it was merely an experiment to see how people would react to it. 

“When people were sceptical doing meditation online- I announced my 1st WhatsApp meditation class, and to my surprise, within less than 12 hours, I had ten paid students. I accepted it as a validation from the universe that yes, I am on the right path, and since then, there’s no looking back – says Priyanka.”

She was among the first few people who started teaching meditation/mindfulness online that too on Whatsapp. 

“Meditation helps you get rid of your past trauma and baggage and, Mindfulness gets rid of your stress from Now.”

The combination of two can have an extraordinary impact on one’s life. 

It can help healing from anxiety issues, past trauma, self-criticism, low confidence, insomnia, Procrastination, fatigue, work-life balance, weak immune to toxic relationships. The list can go long because with Meditation/Mindfulness, together, we help you manifest your life.  

It feels like magic… however, it’s science. 

She combines psychology, energy, and astrology to analyze her client’s past experiences, current behaviour, and patterns in life. She guides them with practical solutions and a new modern approach that is well received by millennials. 

At Priyanka’s Spiritual cafe, we bring different healing modalities together to provide maximum benefits to people and help them create a new reality for themselves. 

“My deep sense of understanding people’s emotions taking reference from my own experiences while growing up helped me connect with others,” says Priyanka.

Irrespective of gender or age, anxiety, depression, and feeling directionless are common phenomena humans face today. People are looking for help. However, they are uncomfortable talking about their issues and are unaware of reaching the right person who will help resolve their challenges.

At Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe, We love to listen, heal, learn and grow.

We understand your new age lifestyle & situations. So we offer you a space to be accurate, to be you…without any judgments or limitations.

We offer support in the form of counselling, healing, astrology & learning.

We aim to provide simple solutions to improve your life, and we love to present “ancient wisdom with a modern approach.” So we all can evolve and manifest the best of our lives.

For upcoming workshops and appointments, one can refer to or check the Instagram page of Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe.

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