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Rahul Indoria: The 32-year Old Businessman from Kolkata who is Reshaping the Forklift Industry in Eastern India.



Rahul Indoria, business owner of companies, The Spares Engineers & Techno Spares Industries, is Eastern India’s leading Electric & Diesel Forklift rental provider, with a wide range of genuine spare parts along with their crew of highly trained mechanics is taking over the Forklift industry by storm. 

Forklifts come in very handy in warehousing storage & support crucial activities like transporting general goods, merchandise, heavy materials, automobiles, gas & oil, chemicals, textiles and more. They also help in the storage of goods in foreign trade zones – a function that helped him identify client urgencies. “To be able to provide the right equipment and services on time, it’s important to understand every possible function of these Forklifts,” Indoria says. And he walks the talk, mind you! 

‘The Spares Engineers’, founded in 1989 by his father, Mr Krishna Gopal Indoria, has always been a reputed brand for diesel & electric forklift rental services for 33 years, while ‘Techno Spares Industries’ was founded by his mother, Mrs Alpana Indoria in 2004, has been a genuine spare part seller & mechanical assistance provider for 18 years – an impressively consistent run for both companies! 

Rahul took over the business in 2020 after a successful stint in the entertainment & hospitality industry for 12 years. Initially, he had to face many challenges, as his decision to take overcame amid the pandemic. Talking about his move, he says, “It prepared me for the worst… but I knew that the best days are yet to come! There comes a point in life where you either move on & face the challenges, or you fall back & play safe… in my case, I decided to invest heavily and expand the horizon of my group of companies.” 

He further added, “We generated rapid growth in 2021, and more importantly, we made up for the adverse impact of coronavirus in 2020 in almost all areas. As a full-time service provider with a substantial Eastern India footprint, my group of companies made use of the opportunities presented in 2021. It completely achieved its ambitious targets and, in the case of order intake, comfortably exceeded the target!” 

What’s in store for 2022? He said, “For me, people, the environment, and profitable growth are the core elements of a sustainable future. And by people, I mean customers, vendors and of course, all our employees, as we are maintaining a sharp focus on these three parameters. We are also adding an extensive range of electric forklifts for a sustainable future, which will be wholly focused on energy management and smart interferences to further reduce energy use in warehouses. In doing so, it significantly reduces their energy costs.” 

The group of companies is planning to expand to different states of the country like Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, and Assam – another solid move for the Indoria’s, which reaffirms their strong foothold in West Bengal. 

Before signing off, Rahul passionately says, “We’ve put in sincere and consistent effort for years. My plan is not just to carry this legacy forward, but also look into aspects of the business that cater to ever-evolving requirements.” 

He smiles, “In case anyone requires any kind of professional service related to forklifts, I’d be happy to connect with them!” 



PHONE: +91-7044448100 

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