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Infiniqe started its magnificent journey in 2017 with a vision – to convert business cards into brand names. “We specialize in the art of understanding a brand personality, positioning & work on the visibility side of things,” says Preet Shah, CEO of Infiniqe Marketing. 

Infiniqe acts as a catalyst to help businesses to discover their true potential. They tend to do this by communicating the purpose of companies to their target audiences. They believe that sales conversion is easy, but speaking the brand’s essence helps create a bond. 

Infiniqe Marketing, a tale of infinite ideas and unique thinking, comprises a team of young minds and creative geeks who are well versed with the art of marketing. They are the Ninjas of Brand Creation, Brand Awareness, and Brand Engagement by indulging in Brand Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, and Web Development. “With the advent of smartphones and technology, online presence is of great significance. Digital marketing is much more than just the ability to conduct a set of actions on social media. Working just on only social media generates no traction for the firm, resulting in dissatisfaction towards the agency. However, the gap between agency and customer inspired us to enter the market,” shares Preet. 

The four pillars of Infiniqe Marketing are 4C’s – Concept, Content, Creativity, and Communication. Any idea or campaign is designed so that all the four C’s are aligned together. The process starts with the development of creative concepts that capture the attention of people. Once the pictures are designed, they tend to create content that people love to engage with. After drafting content, they work on creative strokes to enhance the ideas. Lastly, they use their technical skills to drive communication to the right kind of target audience. They often tend to term this C a “Hukkum ka Ekka” as it can make or break a brand. 

Infiniqe is your customized master plan to grace up in a world full of competition. With their designing hub, they tend to open the gates of creativity and take you on a journey to Brand-wonder, where they make sure that the brand language stands out among the chaos of the market.

“We firmly believe that Marketing is all about having the right product at the right place at the right time and to the right people. And we make that happen for our clients,” says Preet.

Due to Covid-19, there has been a considerable growth in digital platforms, and Infiniqe Marketing has leveraged the same. The company has its CRM system and ready-made plugins to track the performance of its clients’ businesses. From now on, they wish to excel in advertisement and plant their footprints in cities across India. “Clarity invites vision, so to become the ace in any market, choose to believe in your vision, and your journey shall bow down to you,” concludes Preet.

For more information, Contact:

Address: 104 SNS Arista, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Contact: 9924899660


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