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Vulcan Art Gallery’s Artist Residency Goa



Vulcan Art Gallery, recently conducted an art residency and an open studio exhibition in Goa with the idea to reflect the winsome connection between art and nature.

The Gallery has so far conducted several digital art exhibitions around the world, in countries like Canada, Australia, the Middle East, and India to name a few. But an open event has been a prominent idea for them as they are of the belief that art is all about exposure, right influence, and experimentation! And only exposure like that of an open studio and the company of like-minded art lovers could have given the artists the experience and the event the success that it received.

The vision behind curating this event was to simply depict the diverse variety of artwork made by the diverse artists of our country; hence, the theme was kept open. And it was considered quite a success when artists of different cultures, backgrounds, and art forms came together and shared with one another, not only their artwork but their distinct talents, inspirations, and experiences as well.  

The event, “Artists Residency” was conducted in Goa from 14-17th Dec’ 2021 with 25 talented, both emerging and professional, artists from all parts of India, like that from, Punjab, Delhi, Dehradun, Kolkata, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and others (all making sure to duly follow the govt. induced Covid regulations of distancing, sanitization, and vaccination). The artists along with the founder of Vulcan Art Gallery, Manan Kohli, and his team, resided in the Lazy Bee Cottages for their duration. And the open studio exhibition “Open studio: Art Residency Goa” was made public in the same venue on the 15th and 16th Dec, wherein the residency artists displayed their pieces of work for the varied audience, which included a number of art admirers, to spectate and get inspired from.       

In the audience, were also the Directors of the Museum of Goa, Subodh Kerker and Siddharth Kerker who too admired and were pleased with the sprouting talents of our country.

Furthermore, the onlookers were also given the opportunity to paint with the artists present and thereby learn a few new tricks for themselves. This engaging activity was the crowd favourite as it helped the audience see the artist’s vision while surely they also learned something new and innovative.

In addition, among the other activities conducted during their course, the residency artists and the founder also indulged themselves in events like wax painting, glass artworks, texture painting, and more, so as to explore more horizons of the world of art. One of these activities was their collaborative attempt to paint on a 5-meter canvas roll while in Baga Beach!

And finally, they even created a new record by displaying a 6 feet tall shattered glass artwork made by artists from Kerala! This having happened for the first time in Asia made it quite a remarkable event and surely something to look out for!!

Find more about the gallery, their story, events, older virtual exhibitions hosted by them, artworks on sale and so on from their website –

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