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“Netflix’s 1899 accused of plagiarizing from independent comic “Black Silence”; writer claims “identical” ideas.



A Brazilian comic book writer claims that the Netflix series 1899 plagiarised the idea and plot of her 2016 comic book Black Silence.

The end of the 19th century is the setting for the German multilingual show 1899. It demonstrates how the SS Kerberos, sailing from Europe to America, comes upon the sister ship Prometheus, which has been lost for four months, and receives distress messages from it. What follows is a succession of bizarre events and surreal experiences. Pyramids are a reoccurring theme throughout the programme, with images of an enigmatic enormous pyramid in a desolate, futuristic-looking desert appearing frequently.

This photo has stirred up a lot of debate. In a lengthy Twitter thread she published on Sunday, Brazilian comic book author Mary Cagnin noted significant parallels between the programme and her 2016 work, Black Silence. These started with the image of the pyramid in the desert and progressed to a mystery storyline driven by codes and ghostly whispers.

She also made various comparisons between the character arcs in her comic and those in the programme, including some of the characters’ final demises. I’M IN SHOCK, she tweeted in Portuguese. the moment I realised how much my 2016 comic Black Silence and the 1899 serial are alike.

The show’s or platform’s creators have not yet replied to the accusations. The German time travel programme Dark’s creator, Jantje Friese, is the brains behind 1899. On November 17, Netflix started streaming it.

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