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Explore Growth Opportunities With Export-Import Strategies in Businesses.



Globe trading or International export and import have stepped forward from the Roman Empire. And it flourished during the 13th and 14th centuries. It started with caravans laden with imports from China and India over the desert to Alexandria and Constantinople. For centuries, EXIM has involved intermediaries. And the revolution came when the spice trade of the 1400s came across.

Discover the joy of importing and exporting learning with NIRYAT BUSINESS

Niryat Business is the only point that helps its clients become leaders in the business industry with quality guidance, assistance, and documentation. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, or an established business, you can connect with Niryat Business to boost your EXIM knowledge.

Niryat Business is an initiative taken by Amit Kamboj. And it has given and is continuously giving a boost to Indian exports and import trades by providing quality assistance to all. Moreover, this service is defined to be the right choice for developing the necessary skill sets for the Export business through the export import course.

Numbers of young minds and domestic industries have already collaborated with the service. Amit Kamboj has contributed his efforts to provide extensive knowledge of the export business framework and strategy to reduce investment risk. It means Niryat Business is making worldwide trading easier with adequate guidance.

About Amit Kamboj

Amit Kamboj is the founder and Director of NBS Global Business Pvt Ltd. He has 15 years of experience in Export-Import Business and providing solutions to Indian Export Business aspirants with structured export import courses. He always assists the aspirants to start their own Exim Business Venture.

Apart from this, he has the expertise and worked at several managerial positions in the supply chain industry and pharma. To date, he has trained thousands of participants under the banner of ‘Niryat Business Services,’ a unit of NBS GLOBAL BUSINESS PVT LTD.

The Journey: How Does Niryat Business Come Into Existence

The journey began with an individual and connected thousands successfully.

The seed of the export business was germinated while Amit Kamboj studied in IIFT. The hard work of the institute faculty had inspired him to start educating students about export business as they were always involved in the decision making of the government of India’s foreign trade policy.

This also familiarized him with the actual situation of the exports. He really got shocked when he analyzed that despite so much manpower and resources in India, we are lacking exports skills in India. Moreover, he observed that people are afraid of running an export business as they find it risky.

After his observations, he decided to come up with an export industry. And he initiated to help the young minds and domestic businesses to export more. Amit Kamboj believes that the export business can bring the heritage of the Golden Sparrow of India again and make India richer. Also, he truly believes that export businesses can be a game-changer for the Indian economy.

With his beliefs, he started Niryat Business. And he already helped 20,000+ export businesses and students by teaching them the best export business strategies and skills. This number does not stop here. It keeps on increasing hour by hour and day by day as they offer world class export import courses throughout India.

How Do NIRYAT BUSINESS Find A Way To Serve You Until Your Success

Send the RIGHT product to the RIGHT buyer from the RIGHT seller and at the RIGHT time.

The Niryat business’s owner always supports the aspirants with the right strategies. And this support is not limited to the export import course study but throughout the lifetime. This means that aspirants can get support whenever they find difficulty with the product selects, trade agreements, or other things related to export-import businesses.

Amit Kamboj always comes up with new strategies and techniques that include product and market selection, trade agreements, and more. He always focuses on the trade agreement that helps in understanding the market in a better way. Apart from this, it is also necessary to understand the buyer’s needs.

Let’s understand it with an example of China. China is the top Diwali product producer, although there is no celebration of Diwali in China. It shows that China understands the buyer’s needs. In the same way, Niryat Business helps its aspirants to understand the market effectively.

Apart from this, Niryat Business offers the best education (or export import course) regarding the trade agreement. The better you understand the trade agreements, the more you can earn and grow with your business. Trade agreements support you to understand the taxes and other factors that apply to your products, whether you can earn more or end up with a rejection.

Amit Kamboj can support the aspirants even after they complete their course. The owner of the Niryat Business believes in connecting with the people for a lifetime. That shows that his main objective is not only to offer the best education but also to encourage their aspirants in their ups and downs.

Niryat Business learning makes worldwide trading easier.

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