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Brainywood- India’s First Learning App providing Stress-Free Education & Sharper Memory



The Guinness World Record Holder Ed-tech start-up Brainywood launched its online learning app in the middle of this year’s pandemic. This is India’s first learning app that helps students provide a sharper memory and helps them in creating a stress-free environment. This app reduces the mental study stress of students. It offers scientific techniques of learning which make study content enjoyable, increase concentration, learn effectively, and most importantly, give students permanent memory.

Founded by Mr Dhruv Suwalka and Dr Vinod Sharma both based out of Rajasthan, are now having an in house team of 50+ comprised of industry’s best training experts, teachers, and a network base of 1500+ Franchise across the nation, including some working in USA, Nepal and Saudi Arabia. They all have collectively helped over 50,000+ students by teaching new scientific methods of learning which helps to reduce the mental stress of students, helps them to memorise faster, accurate and for longer period that resulted in improvement in their examination results.

Today a surprising fact is that the students study hard and get good marks but after some time they forget most of the things. This shows that something is wrong in our education system which needs to be corrected. Mr Dhruv Suwalka (co-founder) added, “Brainywood gives student’s new and proven techniques of mnemonic science based on educational psychology, especially skilling students on memorisation retention and recollection by which students enjoy the syllabus, memorise faster and recollect the content exams accurately. Brainywood courses use the theory of imagination and association which enables students to make their study interesting, increasing concentration.”

Dr Vinod Sharma, who himself is a multiple world record holder and is been considered one of the best memory trainers currently available in the world is the key mind person behind the development of unique courses of Brainywood. Dr Vinod added that In 100 years what has been improvised in our Indian education/learning system is only the body of the education. The hardware of the education like the classrooms, the smart boards, the internet facilities, computers, etc. These all are important for every nation’s education system but the problem is only the body of education is being improvised, what about the soul i.e. skill, knowledge?

Our body is being developed but our soul (knowledge) is standing still. The purpose of education is to turn knowledge into skill and to turn knowledge into skill, there is the process called a learning cycle. Brain science (the development of Brainywood) helps to complete this learning cycle. He mentioned that if the teachers of our nation can complete the learning cycle, the majority of the problem of our Indian students will get solved but unfortunately very few are interested in taking an initiative in understanding the importance of brain science.

The development of science manages to reduce the time, effort and increase the comfortability for people. As science reduces human time and effort likewise brain science (memory science) reduces the learning time and effort and increases comfortability in studying.

Our Knowledge is scattered in the brain that needs to be channelized and this can be done through brain science. Brainywood is the first and best-learning application in India which teaches students the new scientific techniques that can result in improving their memory, concentration, exam results and most importantly in a very enjoyable manner which will improve their mental health.

If you want to know how to reduce mental stress, how to make your study content interesting and memorise faster and longer then watch the exclusive content available on or you can download the Brainywood app for FREE directly from the play store. –

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